This is a collection of our “Spec Spots,” these are the advertisement singles, campaigns, viral videos, sizzle reels, or other form of media that we produced to present to prospective and/or potential clients. Enjoy!

The Action Report

This is a spec that we shot while shooting TAR 21 in Las Vegas, NV. TAR is The Action Report, if you want to know more or you just love pool check them out at theactionreport.com/home.html. [Music: Shakerleg; Album: Handmade]


TAR 21


Ohio Historical Society

While shooting a comprehensive internal use campaign for the Ohio Historical Society, we took the chance to put together this little gem of their Archive Library. Visit their website at OhioHistory.org




Klondike Comedy Showcase

This is a spec campaign that we shot with Rob Delaney for Klondike and a comedy showcase competition back in 2012.


Jewels with Buddies

This was a collection of spec spots that we produced for a mobile video game. Here is the first spot.





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